Eat Your Worries

It’s been a long time since a stuffed animal has impressed me, and that’s going back at least 5 years when my daughter went through a significant Webkinz phase.

But the cutest little creature recently showed up on my doorstep.

Worry EaterHis name is Flint. He’s missing an eye, has crooked horns and stubby feet, and sports a zipper for a mouth.

And he’s here to eat your worries.

Flint is one of the Worry Eaters, the colorful family of cuddly creatures that can help a child express their fears and concerns in a playful way.

Children are able to write or draw their worry and place it into Flint’s wide zippered mouth, so he can munch on it for awhile. It’s a great way to start a discussion with your kids about the things that are weighing on their mind. Even parents can get in on the act by sharing a worry or two and letting the Worry Eater hold on to it for awhile.

No matter how big or small the worry, it’s good to acknowledge that a problem exists. Giving their worry to a Worry Eater, and then sharing it with a parent or caregiver, is the first step that kids can take toward resolving conflicts and developing healthy coping skills.

Introduced by The Haywire Group, the Worry Eaters come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, guaranteed to be cute, cuddly, and very hungry. There are nearly two dozen to choose from, with names like Biff, Polli, Flamm, Saggo, and Pomm.

And choose you will, if you win my Worry Eater Giveaway!

Use the widget below to enter in several different ways. The winner will get to pick their very own Worry Eater to bring home. See the entire family of them here. All Worry Eaters are washable, either by hand or on machine gentle cycle, and made with quality soft velour. They don’t just eat worries, but they’re also pretty good snugglers.

No matter how big or small the worries, they are all important in the life of a child. Parents can help kids learn to manage stress and tackle everyday problems with ease using Worry Eaters as a tool.

Enter now, and I’ll pick a winner in about a week!

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Worry Eater Family

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A toy car, as a matter of fact.

The award-winning Modarri, from Thoughtfull Toys, is the toy car reinvented, and the days of Matchbox and Hot Wheels may just be numbered.

The beauty of a Modarri car is that it feels real. It drives like a real one, with realistic suspension, tight turning radius, and finger sized bucket seat that has you feeling the road. Continue reading

Evil Elves and Messy Rooms

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Imagination Lives Here

If you have a young daughter, chances are she’s going to ask for a dollhouse at some point. There are dozens and dozens to choose from, in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Here’s one of them I can recommend.

The good folks at Learning Curve recently sent one of their dollhouses for my daughter to review. It’s the Mrs. Goodbee Talking Dollhouse, part of Learning Curve’s new Caring Corners line of toys that encourages kids to care about others.

And my daughter’s evaluation? She’s in love with it. She thinks it’s the best dollhouse ever.

From my perspective, the house is pretty cool. When it’s opened up, it has 12 different rooms to decorate and play with. Folded up, it stores easily on the shelf and contains all the little bits and pieces into one place.

The house actually talks, with over 400 different helpful hints, playful prompts, and silly songs, all designed around sharing and caring. Oh, and using your imagination.

I love watching my kids play with the house and the figures that were included. They added their own furniture from other play sets (Littlest Pet Shop accessories fit perfectly) and I could hear their imagination take off.

Oh, wait, did I say “kids”? Shhh… Don’t tell anyone, but even my son has been having a great time with the Mrs. Goodbee Dollhouse. He had Boba Fett renting a room in the attic, and Scooby Doo fixing tacos in the kitchen.

As if just playing with this talking dollhouse wasn’t enough to teach my daughter some excellent lessons about positive behavior, the people at Learning Curve were kind enough to send along a second dollhouse, so that she could donate this wonderful toy to a local charity or needy family. She’ll be doing that next week. What a great way to kick off the Christmas giving season!

We’ve looked at five or six of the more popular dollhouses on toy store shelves, and I think the Mrs. Goodbee Dollhouse stacks up with the best of them. I really like the fact that it folds up, is made of durable plastic, and has a friendly, positive message to deliver. My daughter just likes that it’s “Fun!”

You can find Caring Corners products at just about any toy store or large retailer.