Father’s Day “Steakcation” Giveaway

It’s a well known fact that 87% of all dads will be requesting a steak dinner in celebration of Father’s Day this Sunday.

Okay, so I made that up, but it sounds about right. If you’re a dedicated carnivore like myself, visions of a big juicy steak are making your stomach growl right about now.

So, it’s a good thing LongHorn Steakhouse is offering one of my readers a $75 gift certificate in honor of Father’s Day. Yes, you read that right. $75. LongHorn doesn’t just want you and your family in the door, they want to generously pay for the best items on the menu.

LongHorn Steakhouse takes this Father’s Day stuff seriously. They’ve proclaimed it to be a “Steakcation,” meaning that dads can take a break from the grill. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a juicy and delicious steak with the family. Their “Steaks that Sizzle” promotion for $11.99, going on right now, includes a selection of three boldly-topped sirloins, each served with a hand-chopped salad.

LongHorn is also offering a great deal on a set of their signature, high-carbon steak knives as a gift-set available for purchase at all LongHorn locations for only $29.99. They sent me a set of these knives, and I’ll vouch that they are extremely well-made.

If you’d like to win the $75 gift certificate for LongHorn Steakhouse, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me how you like your steak cooked. Me, I’m a Medium Well guy. I will send it back if it’s not done right.

I’ll pick a winner next week.

In the meantime, have a very happy Father’s Day. Whether you’re grilling it yourself, or sitting down at your favorite restaurant, enjoy your steak.

SOL REPUBLIC Headphones Giveaway!

SOL REPUBLIC and tokidoki, the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand, have fused art with music to design and create two new Tracks HD on-ear headphones featuring SOL REPUBLIC’s signature interchangeability, amazing sound, and virtually indestructible design.

These headphones integrate colors, characters and trendsetting designs that are signature tokidoki. They were personally designed by Simone Legno, tokidoki’s creative director and co-founder.

SOL REPUBLIC has graciously offered a set of these amazing headphones to one of my readers!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me what new tunes you’ve been enjoying lately.

I’ll pick a winner next week.

Check out the video below to learn more about the collaboration between SOL REPUBLIC and tokidoki!

Peanuts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend. Although, really, for me every day is Father’s Day.

But it is kind of nice to have that one day to get breakfast in bed or a promise from the kids to stop their bickering for a few hours.

Planters wants to add to the festivities with an awesome giveaway.

They’re offering to send one of my readers a cool gym bag packed with goodies:

    Exercise mat
    Water bottle
    Mr. Peanut t-shirt and hat
    Samples of Planters NUT•rition Men’s Health Recommended Mix

I don’t know about you, but I think the Mr. Peanut shirt alone is worth taking a few minutes to enter this contest!

So, how do you enter to win? As always, I’ve kept it simple. Just leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite healthy snack food is. I mean, besides the awesome Planters Men’s Health mixes!

I’ll pick a winner next week.

You Sunk My Battleship!

I must admit, I haven’t seen Battleship yet. The Hasbro board game was an old childhood favorite, but the new movie hasn’t had me rushing off to the movie theater.

However, YOU might want to go see it. For free. After enjoying a yummy Subway sandwich.

Yes, it’s time for another giveaway, this time from the good folks at Subway and Universal, who asked me to award one of my readers a $25 Subway gift card and a couple of free movie passes for Battleship.

So, here’s your chance to win! Just leave a comment on this post, telling me your favorite Subway sandwich. I’ll pick a winner next week!

Wendy’s Over McDonald’s

After my last Wendy’s giveaway, my kids started asking for their burgers over McDonald’s when we stop for fast food. Something about the freshness of the meat, the texture of the fries, or maybe the absence of pink slime has led them to give up the golden arches.

Now Wendy’s has given us a few more reasons to prefer them. They’ve added Chili Cheese Fries, Baked Sweet Potatoes, and Macaroni & Cheese to the menu of side items.

Also, a new sandwich – the Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club, a nice alternative to the same old beef burger.

The Chili Cheese Fries are a particularly yummy indulgence. They feature natural cut fries with sea salt covered in a sauce made with Cheddar cheese and real milk, Wendy’s famous rich and meaty chili, and then topped with real shredded Cheddar cheese.

It’s all fresh and delicious, and now one of you can try out these new menu items. Wendy’s has sent me another $7 gift card to give away to one of my readers.

Enjoy a free lunch! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me you want to win. I’ll pick a winner at the end of the week.

When the Kids are Asleep

Shhh. Do you hear that?

It’s a quiet house. Teeth have been brushed, books have been read, glasses of water have been requested.

And now the kids are finally asleep!

Which means it’s time for the parents to sneak away for a little adult fun.

You know what I’m talking about.

Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Homeland, Spartacus. The kind of TV shows you told your kids they couldn’t watch until they’re 35.

They are some of the best series on TV right now, and they are definitely not for children.

Speaking of Spartacus, the second season of this Starz series premieres in just a few days, on Friday, January 27, at 10pm ET/PT.

Yes, it’s got blood-soaked action and exotic sexuality!

Yes, it has epic villainy and heroism!

Yes, it stars Lucy Lawless and Liam McIntyre!

Yes, it has pizza and t-shirts!

Wait, what? That’s right, Starz has offered me one of those very cool giveaway packages that I can’t resist. If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll know how much I love my contests.

Someone’s going to win the following Spartacus: Vengeance Premiere Party Pack:

4 Spartacus T-shirts, 2 Spartacus water bottles, fake blood, and a $20 Domino’s Pizza gift certificate.

So, what you do is invite a few friends over to watch the new Spartacus series, put on your Spartacus t-shirts, order a pizza, then spread the fake blood all over yourself and your house and wait for the Domino’s guy to show up. If you’re lucky he’ll throw the pizza down and run away screaming.

Or maybe you should just pay for it online with the gift certificate.

Anyway, go watch the show on Friday. Spartacus: Vengeance, on Starz. If you haven’t seen the first series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, I highly recommend it for those who like gladiator epics. Loads of mindless fun. Just make sure the kids are asleep!

If you want to win the Spartacus Party Pack, leave a comment here telling me your favorite TV show to watch after the children have gone to bed.

I’ll pick a winner this weekend.

Warming Up with Subway

Ever since a new Subway opened up just down the street from our house, my kids have been asking for that when we need a break from the usual lunchtime PB&Js or mac ‘n’ cheese.

Fast food, to my kids, is no longer defined as burgers and fries. And thank goodness for that. They are perfectly happy with a turkey sub on whole wheat bread, stuffed with spinach, tomatoes, and olives. A much healthier alternative.

I’ve never had a bad meal at Subway. Whether it was a Chicken Teriyaki picked up in Forks, Washington, or a Spicy Italian that filled my famished tummy in Carlisle, England, the taste and quality of their sandwiches has always been consistently satisfying.

The good folks at Subway have graciously offered up a wintertime gift card giveaway for my readers. They want you to warm up with one of their delicious hot sandwiches, like the Big Philly Cheesesteak or the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt.

And if the tasty sub isn’t enough to heat you up, they’ve included some very cool, or should I say warm, accessories for me to send along to the winner. A pair of touchscreen glove liners, a pack of instant heat hand warmers, and a Kelty insulated lunch tote.

Quite the fun gift package to help keep winter’s chill away, at least during the lunch hour.

All you have to do to win the $15 Subway Gift Card and the gift package is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Subway sandwich.

I’ll pick a winner next week.

The Small Things

Julia Sheeks knows that it’s the small things we do for others that sometimes have the greatest value. She was reminded of that last year while volunteering with the Salvation Army’s Operation Clothe A Child.

The program is quickly gearing up for its second year of easing the burden on some parents in the community by providing 135 children with $100 worth of new clothes.

Sheeks had been on the receiving end of a similar type of gift as a child, and remembered the positive impact it had on her life. So it was not a difficult decision for her to step out of her comfort zone for last year’s Clothe A Child campaign.

She was paired up with an energetic young boy who had a definite style in mind. “A little skateboarder dude,” Sheeks said. He was full of energy and excited to be shopping for the clothing on his list.

But his face really lit up when he spotted a pair of neon-orange skateboard shoes.

Sheeks realized that this would be the one thing about the day that would stay with that boy for the rest of his life.

“I knew that this was his heart’s desire, and to be able to give him this gift, these neon-orange skateboard shoes, just touched my heart. You’ve never seen a boy’s face so thrilled,” she said. “I wanted him to have that experience of buying something that he really wanted.”

The two of them went through his list, figured out what items he needed the most, and worked it out so that he had enough money left over to get the skateboard shoes.

“The fact that the shoes were on sale helped a lot,” she laughed.

Working with Operation Clothe A Child has opened Sheeks up to further volunteer opportunities through the Salvation Army.

“I received so much more from volunteering, and that was unexpected,” she said.

And she encourages others to make the effort, however small. “You think you don’t have what it takes. You don’t have enough time, you don’t have enough money to give. But the very smallest thing you can do will make so much difference.”

Sheeks will be out shopping again this year, helping outfit a child with their heart’s desire. That might be neon-orange skateboard shoes or just a warm winter coat. Whatever small thing they find, she knows it will have a big impact on that child’s life.


I have a new job writing profiles of members and volunteers at our local Salvation Army Kroc Community Center. Thanks for reading this, my first article. I hope it inspires you to do some volunteer work in your area.

The Lorax

The Dr. Seuss story, The Lorax, was a bedtime favorite with my kids. This new CG animated version looks stunning. I hope this isn’t a case where the trailer is better than the actual film.