Can You Canoe?

The Scouts said they needed another adult leader to go on their canoe trip last weekend.

My son couldn’t go, but that didn’t stop me.

Actually, it almost did stop me, but then I realized a few things.

Beautiful lake.

Sunny, warm weather.

Quiet, peaceful canoe.

And, oh yeah, the campout would be canceled if I couldn’t go.

When you’re a dad, it’s a given that you have to inconvenience yourself for your kids.

Sometimes you have to do that for other people’s kids too.

Turned out to be an awesome weekend. I didn’t tip over once.

photo (1)

An Eye for the Birds

My daughter received a new camera for her birthday, to inspire her budding interest in photography. She immediately went out and snapped a few amazing photos. I think that she has an eye for a good image, such as this one of a thirsty bird contemplating a fountain of water. It was good enough for third place at the county fair this week!

End of Summer

Summer has to end some time. For me, it felt like it ended this past weekend with a Boy Scout camping trip on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene. We also hiked 20 miles, but I’m trying to forget that part.

It was the last weekend of truly warm weather, so everybody swam and played like it was still summer.

Now we can get on with the business of fall and winter, which is all about school and indoor projects and catching up on hobbies, and dreaming of next year’s warm weather fun.

Mystery Rock

A day at the beach

Spring continues to tease us, in between days of cold and rain. We took a long walk along the lake front, taking time to play in the very spot on the beach where we will be swimming come July.

In fact, the rocks in the foreground will be completely submerged in a few months. One of our summer traditions is to swim out about 100 feet from shore and try to find the giant boulder under the water. The kids then claim it in a sort of “king of the mountain” game.

Like any mystery revealed, the boulder isn’t quite as much fun when it sits bare and exposed during the winter. But it sure looks like someone else was having fun, balancing smaller rocks into formations that appear mysterious and ancient. They’ll be gone in a few months as the water rises.