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Hot Wheels

It’s been a few years since my kids were in 4th grade, but maybe I can talk them into going back for a few hours. Heck, maybe I’ll just be a 4th grader again myself.

Because Hot Wheels has made learning math and science so much more fun!

Their new Speedometry curriculum combines imagination, action and, best of all, Hot Wheels cars, to help teach kids about such STEM concepts as energy, force, and motion.

Kids will learn how to make mathematical predictions, gather data, and present findings in charts and graphs. All while playing with toys.

Hot Wheels is providing the curriculum FREE for teachers, along with online instructional videos and a classroom kit, which includes enough cars and track for 40 kids. There are also activities for families to continue the learning at home.

Order the classroom kit and download the activities at the Hot Wheels Speedometry site.

Giving kids hands-on experiences with real-life materials is an awesome way to help them develop the skills they’ll need to succeed at math, science, and engineering.

My kids may be too old for 4th grade science, but maybe I can talk them into a refresher course!

The good folks at Hot Wheels have given me a cool set of their new Star Wars Character cars to give away to one lucky reader. Yes, Han Solo and Chewbacca, in the form of these wonderfully quirky vehicles, can be yours. All you need to do is leave a comment here on my blog, telling me about one of your favorite childhood toys. I’ll pick a winner next week.

Star Wars

10 thoughts on “Learning With Hot Wheels

    • I still have my case of Lego bricks. Just bricks. Rectangles, squares, flat sheets, tiny ones, big ones. I remember when the fancy Legos came along that allowed you to build vehicles, with people. No way could I have imagined the stuff they have today.

  1. I loved my Barbie dolls – I remember having so many clothes and shoes. Now I enjoy playing with Legos with our son.

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