Summer Awesomeness

Summer is almost here!

It’s getting tougher for my kids to focus on Algebra tests and history essays when they can sense the freedom of summer lurking just around the corner.

I think most kids feel that way. They look forward to three months of turning their brains off and avoiding anything that even remotely feels like learning.

So, imagine your child’s surprise when you whip out Mike Adamick’s new book, Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments, and they quickly find out that learning during the summer can actually be fun and exciting.

Adamick has filled his book with 30 of the best, most inventive, science experiments you can imagine. These are the kinds of things that make for popular YouTube videos.

You’ve got exploding volcanoes, glowing bottles, banana balloons, boiling ice, and, of course, the ever popular Mentos and Coke rockets.

Each experiment uses items and ingredients that are found around the house or easily purchased at a grocery store.

What’s cool about Adamick’s book is that he clearly explains the science behind each experiment in a “Why it works” page that kids can read for themselves.

Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments is guaranteed to spark your child’s creative spirit. And maybe they’ll want to spend their summer doing something other than avoiding learning new things.

The book is for kids of all ages, but it’s never too early to start instilling a love of science. Even preschoolers will get a kick out it. There’s nothing in this book that they can’t handle, with mom and dad’s help, of course.

If you’d like to do some awesome science experiments with your kids this summer, leave a comment on this post. I have one copy of Mike Adamick’s book to give away! I’ll pick a winner next week.

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