5 Reasons You Haven’t Been Posting to Your Dad (or Mom) Blog

1. Your kids are teenagers. Those cute little things they used to say and do as toddlers were easy to write about, but now that they’ve entered the teen years you are suddenly faced with more complex issues that aren’t so pithily expressed in a humorous anecdote.

That, and the fact that your kids have learned to say, “Don’t you dare blog about that!”

2. You’re busier than you ever thought you’d be. I don’t care how over-scheduled you think your preschool and elementary kids are, it’s not going to compare with what’s coming. As they get older, their activities multiply, and seem to be scheduled earlier in the morning and later at night. Oh, and between school, sports, Scouts, volunteering, and everything else, you can kiss most of your free time goodbye.

When, exactly, are you supposed to find the time to write on your blog?

3. You smartened up and started going to bed at a decent hour. Yes, it’s true, sleep > blogging. That great idea you had for a blog post? It’s going to be gone when you get up in the morning, count on it. You could’ve just stayed up late to write it out, but the call of your pillow has grown louder in recent years.

And that’s a good thing. Don’t fight it. You need your sleep.

4. New dads and moms are doing it better. They’ve taken the art of parent blogging to a whole new level. I mean, they have annual conventions now! And teams of marketers ready to make social media stars out of them. They test cars and interview actors. They know how to reach their audience on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They craft their posts to reach major media, with the ultimate goal of going viral.

Like a seasoned veteran athlete, much of your strength, stamina, and passion has diminished, and you see that it’s time to step aside as the young ones pass you by.

5. You’ve said all you have to say about being a parent. Over thousands of blog posts, you’re pretty sure you’ve covered most of the important stuff. It’s hard to get excited about the issues when it all feels like history repeating itself. That’s not really true, as there’s always something new when it comes to parenting, but after a few years you start to actually think you’ve written about every subject that now comes to mind. Or at least you seem to remember some other blogger writing about it (and better than you). So why waste your time rehashing the same old thing? Eventually, you believe you have nothing more to write.

But then, one night, when sleep doesn’t come, and you have some time to think about your neglected old dad blog, you wonder if it’s time to just say goodbye and shut it down. That’s when you remember that being a parent never ends. So why should your blog end?

You scrabble together a post about why you haven’t been posting, and it kind of feels like the old days when you’d sit at the computer late at night and put your thoughts down for the world to see. And then readers would comment, and you’d have a conversation with other parents, and it was all very fresh and exciting.

So, there you go. Five reasons why I haven’t been posting to my dad blog. This might be happening to you. I suggest you write about it on your blog and see what happens. I’m certainly going to be interested in what happens with mine!

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Haven’t Been Posting to Your Dad (or Mom) Blog

  1. I was just thinking about this earlier this week! My blog isn’t really a “mom blog,” although I have written a lot about parenting, but it has been neglected lately. And I totally agree with the idea of having written all there is to write. I wrote a post several months ago that was nearly identical to one I’d written years ago. I didn’t even realize it until a loyal reader pointed it out to me. I decided to write one post a week about a month ago. I’m still working on the one for week one. Maybe I can do a post a month. :)

    • I feel your pain. I’ve been planning the Scout walk for two years now. What do you call “beyond burnt out”?

  2. An awesome post and well written. Im early on in my blogging career so are still enjoying my ‘late night / early morning’ dates with my laptop!

  3. My kids have not reached the teenage years but I do wonder what it will be like when they are and if I would blog about it.
    I also have been crazy busy and the blog contributes to it. More sleep would be nice.
    I think I need a break!

  4. Yes, what you said. Related to number four though is also that commercialization by so many bloggers took away some of the fun. When blogging started being something to do mostly to get attention, I stopped caring as much about it. The top reasons for me though would be your numbers one (adding pre-teen to teenagers) and two.

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