Still Running Through It

Check, check… Is this thing on?

Let’s see, where were we last I wrote a blog post?

Something about killing a dad blog through a good night’s sleep.

My little family blog is coming up on its tenth birthday next year, and there’s a lot of history here. About raising kids, homeschooling, being a stay at home dad. The history is still being made. The family is still running through it.

So, where are we now?

My son is in tenth grade, still schooling at home through an online charter school. The biggest change with him is that he’s fully in charge of his learning.

I’ve gone from being a teacher to being an administrator. My job is to keep him on schedule, although he’s even made great strides to doing that all for himself as well. He has slowly been mastering the art of time management. Making schedules, budgeting his workload, writing up daily and weekly to-do lists.

My daughter is in 7th grade, also schooling at home, through a different online charter school. She is following in her brother’s footsteps with taking charge of her learning, for no better reason, really, than she doesn’t want him to show her up.

Because little sisters are always smarter than big brothers, right?

There are many reasons why we continue to school at home, but over the years we have come to realize that doing things differently than everyone else sometimes has tremendous benefits. My kids are not afraid of trying new things, of looking at the world in a different way, of approaching problems with solutions that are beyond the norm.

We celebrate people like that, don’t we? Steve Jobs, anyone?

Well, I’m going to keep this post short. I hope to return to regular blogging here, despite the many current demands on my time (and the early bedtime I’ve inflicted on myself).

Please let me know if you’re still reading. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Still Running Through It

  1. Always my pleasure to read your blog.. my gosh, how time has flown by. Your son is in 10th !! grade… Seem like only a year ago or so.. the kids were all little… Now teens… Even seeing your pictures from time to time, it still blows my mind how fast they are growing.. What a great tribute to you… to hear how well the kids are doing.. how organized… BRAVO, Phil.. you and your wife have done a great job.. it isn’t over yet.. but what an amazing family you have…
    care on..

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