Just Eat It

Making dinner is always a chore for me. Breakfast is easy – cereal, toast, juice, bacon. Lunch is fun, a time to be creative, even though my kids usually just want turkey sandwiches and apple slices.

But dinner, I never have any good ideas. When I do come up with something good, chances are the kids will complain about it. They’d be happy eating spaghetti every night.

What I need to do is make one truly horrible meal as a benchmark for their complaints, so they can always say, “At least it’s not as bad as what Daddy made that one night!”

I thought I had already made a few bad ones, but now I believe I’ve found something even more horrible…

An all-time dinner horror classic:

What I want to know is, was there really a time when this meal was considered “inspiring”… I wonder how many marriages ended because of this recipe.

I might not even have to make this. Just showing the picture to my kids should bring a whole new appreciation from them for my cooking.

2 thoughts on “Just Eat It

  1. My parents made something called Hot Dog Soup that was very similar. It had lima beans and chopped up hot dogs. It ended up being very tasty and i still enjoy making it to this day almost 30 years later. Being creative when cooking helps save the budget and helps introduce the kids to new things. Not to mention it makes our life a little easier. Much better for Dad to cook something at home than to buy fast food everyday.

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