I’m not entirely sure what happened, but for a few days last week this blog was lost.

As in, completely gone, right off the Internets. Nine years of musings lost forever.

A part of me wasn’t too upset that I might not have this blog anymore. Life has been far too busy this past year to write on a regular basis.

But I was quite disturbed that all of my writings may have vanished into thin air.

I know, back up your files! Well, I’ve backed up everything else that was important: family photos and music. I hadn’t gotten around to making copies of my blog posts.

Luckily, I discovered that Google has kept a cached copy of my blog feed for the past 1000 posts. Good enough, I thought. But then, after three days of head-scratching, the technicians at my host company were able to reset the database on my site, and everything was back to normal.

Now to back up those blog posts properly. At the very least, I think my kids might want to read back through them some day. Just for giggles. Or for parenting advice.

I’m glad my blog isn’t lost.

5 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I’m glad your blog isn’t lost, too. I imported my old one, comments and all, to a private wordpress.com blog and deleted everything else. My website will be gone forever in January and I feel good about it. You could do that. (backing up, not deleting:) It was super easy to do and and a great way to back up the memories in case anything else happens.

  2. I noticed that, when a “Hello World” post popped into my feed reader. I thought maybe you were just doing some house-cleaning.

    If you need some help with setting up reliable backup routines, just let me know. I backup my database to Dropbox (one of many options, using one of many, free WordPress Plugins), and keep my images backed up using Amazon S3 (not free, but dirt cheap).

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