Snowy Protest

My son learned a good lesson about free speech this past weekend. He and about 70 of his fellow Idaho Boy Scouts traveled into the big city to march on the council BSA office. They wanted to voice their concerns over the proposed sale of a beloved local Scout camp.

It could not have been a worse day, weather-wise. An intense winter storm hit the area just as the rally was kicking off. That didn’t stop the boys’ enthusiasm, as they paraded along the street, waving signs and shouting out protest chants. The blizzard-like conditions only steeled their resolve to be heard.

After about an hour of waving at honking cars and brushing layers of snow off of hats and coats, we climbed back into our cars and carefully made our way home.

My son wasn’t sure if a small protest march of a few Boy Scouts will make a difference to the decision makers. But I think it just might. Those boys cared enough about their camp to march around in the middle of a snowstorm. That kind of passion can’t go unnoticed.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Protest

  1. Good for these boys! Although it sounds like a good new camp, the land and site is so not as nice. Hope it draws the right attention.

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