Wii Game Review: Kidz Bop Dance Party

Let me say something right up front. If your kids are over the age of 7, stop reading this review.

Kidz Bop Dance Party, a new game for the Wii, promises hours of fun for the very young, but the older elementary school crowd will find it far less challenging.

Dance Party is a basic dancing game that features 24 popular songs sung by children in a family-friendly style. Kids simply hold the Wii remote in their hand and follow along with the on-screen actions as best as they can.

Or they can just jump around and be silly, as young children tend to be. It won’t matter. As long as there is some kind of movement resembling dancing, the gameplay will continue.

The game lets kids follow a challenge mode, which keeps track of their progress and abilities. Along the way, they’ll earn points to unlock new outfits and clothing for their Mii.

Kids can play with their friends and have dance-offs in different on-screen venues. Even though they don’t have to exactly match the dance motions, the game will still recognize how well the dance was performed, so there is some incentive for kids to improve.

Parents will recognize most of the songs, which were originally by such artists as Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Pink, and Michael Jackson, but are now sung by the talented Kidz Bop kids.

There are quite a few dancing games for the Wii, but Kidz Bop Dance Party stands out as one of the best for very young children. They will have all kinds of silly fun, while avoiding the frustration and disappointment of the more difficult games designed for an older crowd.

You’ll have no problem encouraging your kids to get up off the couch and start dancing.

The good folks at Kidz Bop have provided a copy of Dance Party for me to give away! If you’d like to win it, please leave a comment on this post letting me know what song makes your kids (and you) dance.

I’ll pick a winner next week!

6 thoughts on “Wii Game Review: Kidz Bop Dance Party

  1. Almost anything!!! If it’s a slow song they’ll become ballerinas. If it’s a fast song, they will rock it! Right now in the CD player is our VBS CD and a fave from there is Today is the Day.

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