I’ve Been Up to London to Visit the Queen

Having homeschooled my kids for four years now, I’ve grown accustomed to the vast amounts of time it takes up each day.

That busy schedule has never stopped us from piling on, and this school year is no exception, as we begin an advanced learner program for both kids.

On top of that, we have Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, bowling, new kittens, piano lessons, and an ill-advised stint for me as the coach of my daughter’s soccer team.

I don’t even want to mention the fact that every electronic appliance in our home has conspired to fail at the same time.

So, it’s no wonder my blog postings have been few and far between.

When I did have some time in the past month, I spent it writing up some travel posts at Uptake.com.

If you can spare a minute or two, head over to read my thoughts on:

Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London.

Or, closer to home:

Universal Studios and the San Diego Zoo.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to start planning your next family vacation!

As for me, I’ll be back in a few days with a giveaway of a great new Wii game.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Up to London to Visit the Queen

  1. Wow!! You’ve got a very full plate & the appliances are planning a coup d’ete? Life is definitely keeping you on your toes!!

  2. Just in the past few months, the following items have failed in our house: desktop PC, microwave, garbage disposal, ceiling fan, outdoor light timer, DVR, and a Netflix Roku box. And now the washing machine is leaking.

    To quote Neil Finn, “My possessions are causing me suspicion.”

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