Lemonade School

I wrote about David Tobocman’s debut CD two years ago.

It was good. Really good. And it had one song, “Home,” that approached greatness.

That’s a tough act to follow, but Tobocman doesn’t miss a beat on Lemonade School, his second album of kids’ music.

It’s a completely engaging collection of songs played in a variety of styles, from Count Basie-style swing to Beatles-inspired pop. In fact, Tobocman starts off the album with a spirited bluegrass rendition of The Beatles’ “Hello, Goodbye,” a daunting task that he pulls off with style.

From there, Tobocman shows off his strength as a master storyteller with clever songs like “Ice Cream on a Hot Dog,” “Mom is a Rock Star,” and “The Neighborhood.”

The showpiece here is the title track, an instant classic about a boy named Horatio, who works hard to develop the perfect lemonade recipe. It’s a fun message about persevering and achieving your dreams that any child can learn from.

Tobocman’s easy-going vocal stylings, coupled with the charming lyrics and pristine production, will appeal to all ages, from toddlers right up through the jaded middle school set.

My family highly recommends Lemonade School. It’s easily one of the best kids’ albums of the year.

You can hear samples, and buy the album, at Tobocman’s website.

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