Far, Far Away

Hadrian's Wall

I’ve been away.

Far, far away.

In fact, I was about 4,852 miles away, give or take a cow pasture or two.

Remember all that talk about walking across England? Well, I wasn’t joking. At the end of June, I traveled to that far and distant land to take part in a gathering of parents, and other assorted characters, who were determined to follow the 84-mile Hadrian’s Wall Path from one coast to the other. All in the name of charity.

For six days, we walked.

Cut to the end, we made it. Every single one of us. I’ve never walked so far in my life, and my body is letting me hear about it since my return last week.

What happened during those six days? I know you want to hear about it. I’ve already had people asking me to write down my thoughts and exploits. So, I will do that when my mind is fresh and my routine is back to normal.

In the meantime, I want to quote a few more numbers for you.

$1,700 — The amount of money my friends, family, and blog readers raised for the Joseph Salmon Trust. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

$30,858 — The entire amount of money raised for this charity walk. And it’s still going up. This represents an entire year of support that the Trust can use to help grieving parents who have lost a child.

30 — The number of pounds in my backpack for the walk. 15 too many, I now realize.

4 — The number of blisters on my feet. None of them in a delicate spot, thank goodness.

1,914 — The number of photos I took. Yes, I’ll be sorting them from now until Christmas.

Thanks again to all who donated. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to give a little bit to the cause.

I’ll be back soon with a day-to-day accounting of my walk across England.

11 thoughts on “Far, Far Away

    • Thanks, Martin. You too. We all stepped out of our comfort zone for a week. It was much harder than anyone expected, but didn’t it feel good to reach that end point on the Irish Sea?

  1. Phil- Congratulations on your walk – what an adventure – will be waiting your pictures and comments! Glad you lived to tell about it! :)

  2. It was quite a long way, wasn’t it? I’m still so impressed with the US bloggers (not to mention ex-pat Irish ones) who had to travel such huge distances before the walk even started…

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