Tea Parties for Dads

Here’s another fun Father’s Day giveaway!

Tea Parties for Dads is a new book by Jenna McCarthy that attempts to demystify little girls in a way dads can understand.

Tea Parties for DadsSo, if you’re one of those fathers who knows football and BBQ, but hasn’t a clue about ballerinas and hairstyles, then this book is perfect for you.

McCarthy explains things like why pink is the best color, and why mermaids and magic wands are irresistible. It also guides dads step-by-step through the serving of tea, French-braiding hair, and the proper application of flair.

Don’t worry, the chapters are short. We all know that most men have short attention spans when it comes to stuff like this.

Tea Parties for Dads is actually quite informative and engaging. It will give any dad new insight into how to relate to his daughter. And just think how impressed she’ll be with your newfound knowledge in subjects like fairies, nail polish, and Barbies.

Thanks to the publisher, Sasquatch Books, I have one copy of Tea Parties for Dads to give away to a reader. Simply leave a comment telling me why you, or some dad you know, needs this book. I’ll pick a winner this weekend.

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12 thoughts on “Tea Parties for Dads

  1. My husband has a 2 year old granddaughter who is beginning to know about tea parties and magical wands – but her Papa has no clue!!! This Papa needs some schooling on the fine art of Tea Parties!!

  2. I have a 5 year old stepdaughter who’s world revolves around the pink and frilly parts of life. For Christmas last year, I gave her a dirt bike helmet. Even though it WAS pink, I don’t think it was what she had hoped for. Maybe a book like this would help me to get on the same page as her.

  3. With two little girls, one five and one, uh, one, my husband is still trying to get a grasp on princess protocol, ponies (of the hair and horse variety) and he’s trying to embrace pink. So far no good.

  4. My husband grew up with 3 sisters and two brothers, but still seems clueless about girls. Perhaps, because his sisters were a lot younger than him and he was involved in one sport after another. He know has 5 girls and no sons. We always tease him that God gave him all girls, so he could get it right. He still has a hard time with all the tears. Wait until they are all teenagers. Right now they are 11, 9, 7, 6, and 2. He still spends most of his nights watching ESPN, playing golf, exercising at the Y, or at practice for his city softball team Occasionally you will find him watching I Carly or Hannah Montana with his daughters. This year he did coach his daughters in Basketball and soccer. Plus, he took the 4 oldest to see the Jonas Brothers when they were in town. But as far as the girly things are concerned he is still pretty clueless. Mom takes them to Dance, fixes their hair for pictures, and buys all their birthday presents. I stay up with the baby at night, so he gets all 4 girls ready for school in the morning. If they come home matching with a barrett in their hair it has been a good day. He still picks out the converse and sport T’s for outfits. My oldest doesn’t mind so much. She is a daddy’s girl and loves to do all the sport things with her dad. But watch out! The other 4 are all girl. From tutu’s to barbie dolls, red lipstick and princess crowns and even hints of talking about boys. He needs some help.
    This would make a cute Father’s Day gift from the girls to Dad.

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  6. I have a 3 year old and a 20 year old step daughter (married her mom when she was 13). Yea, clueless would be a could description.

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