Brainy Day

Three years ago we were pleasantly surprised by a very happy kids’ album from Roger Day. Read my positive review of that CD, Dream Big, here.

Roger’s back with a new album, but it’s not so happy this time.

Now he’s gone all brainy on us.

Why Does Gray Matter? is a fun collection of “brainy songs for kids” from one of the smartest kids’ singers around.

Yes, every single song on this CD is about being smart and making the most of your brain. Tracks like “Use Your Noodle,” “It’s a No Brainer,” and “Inside My Cranium,” are funny, silly, and educational all at the same time. What more do you want in a children’s album?

I’m always telling my kids to use their brain to its full potential. Along comes Roger Day to back me up with lyrics like: “There’s not a single answer anywhere you can’t find, When you flex the muscles in your mind,” and “Get your brain in gear, There’s no time for wasting here.”

Day also sings about good “brain foods” to eat, such as blueberries, whole wheat bread, spinach, salmon, and green tea.

Like I said, it’s a very smart album. As Day himself said, “I’m pretty sure it’s the first recording session in Nashville to research WebMD for fact checks.”

And it’s all wrapped up in an exquisite pop/rock sheen that calls to mind the best Schoolhouse Rock tunes.

Why Does Gray Matter? gets the highest recommendation from my family! You can listen to it at Roger Day’s website. It’s also available for download on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Brainy Day

  1. I’m listening to Dream Big at this very moment and Liking it so far. Through spotifiy admittedly, but it’s legal he still gets cash for it (I think).

    I’m now seriously considering Grey Matter. Is it as good as Here comes Science?

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