Photo Friday – Something Old

Roman coin

Ancient Roman penny for your thoughts

I like old things. Historic things. Ancient things.

The organizer of this summer’s charity walk sent out an old Roman coin to all the participants, as a bit of motivation for us in the months leading up to our 84-mile trek along Hadrian’s Wall.

I’m going to need all the motivation I can get.

Take a gander at this itinerary:

First day, 15 miles
Second day, 16 miles
Third day, 12 miles
Fourth day, 13 miles
Fifth day, 15 miles
Sixth day, 15 miles

Does it make you tired just reading that?

Raise your hand if you think I can do it without a blister, sprained ankle, pulled hamstring, or myocardial infarction.

Okay, those of you who are with me, how about making a small donation to the charity I’m walking for. No doubt, your support will be what carries me through the six long days of endless walking. $2? $5? Whatever you feel like? You can use PayPal, or a credit card, and the charity site does the conversion from dollars to pounds for you.

I’m a quarter of the way to my fundraising goal, and would love to reach the halfway point before the end of the month.

In case you missed the links to my fundraising site, here it is again:

Idaho Dad’s Long Walk

By the way, if you have a blog, a business, a website, a talent, a book, a CD, or anything else you’d like to plug, a donation to the Joseph Salmon Trust through my site will guarantee a mention here on my blog. I’m even willing to give your ad some sidebar space for a period of time. Contact me via email if you’re interested in that.

I appreciate any support that you can give me!

8 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Something Old

  1. @Dan, thanks. I don’t feel like a cornerstone. Just excited to raise money for a good cause. Oh, and walking the wall will be kinda fun too.

    @Julie, yes, it’s an authentic Roman coin from way back when. I can’t make out the markings, but it would have to be at least 1600 years old. Most likely dug up in some field in Europe. The Romans were really bad about misplacing large quantities of their coins, apparently. It’s amazing to hold something so old in your hand. I’ll feel that same emotion as I walk along the 2000-year-old wall this summer.

    • Thanks Seattledad. Yes, I am doing this partly for fun. But it feels really good to be able to raise some money for grieving parents. I’m hoping to bring a big chunk of change with me from North Idaho, to represent the Pacific Northwest in a memorable way.

  2. Thats great for them to do so, keeps you motivated.
    I’m going to donate before the end of the month still, so keep telling me.
    I just have to make a re payment first.
    All the best, you’ll do just fine!
    .-= flea´s last blog ..Life’s hard again =-.

    • Terry, you have more confidence in me than I do! I’ll feel better about the long miles after a few more months of training.

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