No Sleep Allowed

Sometime last year I wrote a post about our daughter finally staying in her own bed through the night.

Her success was short-lived, unfortunately, but she did show definite signs of progress.

By late fall, she was in her room most nights from bedtime until morning.

So, finally, mom and dad could get some uninterrupted sleep, right?


In December, one of our cats died.

His brother was lonely and decided that the best place for him to sleep at night was with me.

More specifically, with my feet.

He loves my feet, wrapping himself around them at the end of the bed as if he’s guarding a stash of catnip.

It sounds very cute, but it means that my legs stay motionless throughout half the night. For someone with restless legs, this is not a good thing.

No, I don’t have the heart to shut him out. He would only wander the house yowling in pain for his lost brother, which would wake up the kids, who would run to our room in fear of cat ghosts, and then I wouldn’t get even half the sleep I’m barely enjoying now.

Thomas Edison had it right with his 15-minute naps spread throughout the day. Maybe that’s what new parents should train themselves to do, so they’ll be ready for the kids with the nightmares and the cats with the depression.

10 thoughts on “No Sleep Allowed

  1. You could do what we did, after the brother half of our brother / sister cats was hit by a car…

    Go to the farm to get another cat… And come home with TWO more (also brother and sister – who happen to share the same mother as the sister we still had at home – making them step-siblings!) (Snicker)
    .-= The Father of Five´s last blog ..2010 Minnesota River Flooding =-.

  2. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in 6 years. 6 years I tell you.

    Mind you, after reading this I’m just glad the chickens aren’t trying to sleep in our bed too
    .-= Dan´s last blog ..Neil and Rachael =-.

  3. My cat used to plop between my legs as soon as I fell asleep. Every now and then I’d trap him when I rolled over. I was then unceremoniously poked awake.

    Can you lock the cat out of the room? That didn’t work for me b/c my cat would howl, but maybe you’ll have more luck?

  4. How can I break this news… Someone has told you that there will come a day when you can sleep 8 hours straight; just wait till the kids are older and this cat goes to kitty heaven. But, soon thereafter, be prepared for old age. And being very careful to not drink liquids after 6pm. Many things can interrupt sleep. But it could be worse.

    And I love what you share about your experiences as a Dad. Thanks.

    • @Florine, I appreciate your comment! Yes, I’ve all but given up on regular uninterrupted nighttime sleep. If I get 8 hours once a week, I count myself lucky.

  5. Aww, I’m sure the cat will recover one of these days. In the meantime, you might need the intervention of a professional animal trainer, especially if the howling bothers your sleep and the kids’ Studies have shown that while pets help relieve their owners’ stress, they could become a source of stress too.

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