Photo Friday – Graupel Delight

Graupel Delight

A ferocious hail storm hit us this afternoon.

Actually, it was a graupel storm. Graupel is a small, soft hail, which piles up to look almost exactly like Dippin’ Dots.

That’s what my kids saw, anyway, as they grabbed bowls, ran outside in bare feet, and scooped up enough graupel to open a roadside frozen treat stand.

With flavoring applied, it did kind of taste like Dippin’ Dots.

We’ll call it Graupel Delight. It will be a dessert staple in our house for quite awhile now that the kids have packed the freezer full of the stuff.

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Graupel Delight

  1. Just be careful with ice melt salts or snow contaminated with motor oil! Lol. I remember my kid tried to flavor a slice of sandwich with (good lord) dishwashing liquid. Luckily, we’re using the babyganics label soap which is non toxic, but I still rushed her to the hospital to get her checked.

    Back to the idea of snow, my neighbor’s dog recently supposedly got stomach pains from eating a lot of snow. The ice melt salt was the culprit and it caused a bit of toxicosis. good thing the vet was able to make the labrador feel better.

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