CD Review: Leeny and Tamara

My kids and I have become rather tough critics of children’s music lately.

We hear more than most people, and after awhile much of it starts to sound the same.

So, we sit up and take notice when something different and fresh arrives in our mailbox.

That’s the case with Leeny and Tamara’s new CD, Sharing The Same Stars. Their music is charming and thoughtful, with hummable melodies, pristine studio production, and countless little touches that will make both you and your kids smile.

Leeny and Tamara first met in the early 90’s at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where they were both songwriting students. Nearly twenty years later, they finally got together to write and perform this amazing kids album.

Their lyrics are geared toward kids ten and under, with topics that both teach and entertain. One of our favorite songs is “Hold It,” a wistful tune about having to pee really bad. We’ve all been there.

Another standout is “I Used To Be Shy,” a thoughtful little tale of overcoming childhood shyness set to a bouncy pop melody. I can completely identify with lyrics like “It may be hard to believe that things can change, With every brave little step you take, Today will be easier than yesterday.”

Most of this album is a mix of piano pop and guitar rock, with a touch of new wave, country, and rockabilly spread throughout. Leeny and Tamara beautifully harmonize from beginning to end.

You can listen for yourself at their website, where they have streaming samples of all their songs.

Leeny and Tamara have produced a wonderful set of songs that will please you and your kids for many years. Sharing The Same Stars receives my family’s highest recommendation!

They were kind enough to send me a copy of this CD to give away to one of my readers. If you’d like to win Leeny and Tamara’s CD, leave a comment on this post. I’ll pick a winner next weekend!

7 thoughts on “CD Review: Leeny and Tamara

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  2. Love hearing new fun kids music! Please add my name to the drawing. THANKS!
    FYI – We found another fun cd of music – “Good Habits” by Geoff Johnson. He sings songs about reading, self-esteem and healthy eating habits to fun upbeat tunes.

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