The One and Only Snow Day

I realize that most of the world has been inundated with snow this winter, but here in North Idaho we’ve seen very little of it on the ground.

While it was nice to have the year off from shoveling the driveway and sliding around on the roads, we missed not having at least one decent snow day for having a bit of fun.

So, up to the higher altitudes we went on Saturday, seeking out the snow of Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho, for a day of tubing and snowball fights.

It was a beautiful day for hanging out with the kids. We didn’t let the blood-gushing head injury at the end put a damper on our fun.

From here, I will let the pictures (and a video) do the talking.

Schweitzer skiers look out over Lake Pend Oreille

Schweitzer Ski Resort

Ready for tubing!

Down the hill

Schweitzer Sunset

Schweitzer Sunset

Ending the day with an owie

13 thoughts on “The One and Only Snow Day

  1. We bought new sleds (or sledges, in your funny Brit vernacular) last spring, thus guaranteeing a lack of snow.

    • Ha! Do you remember what happened last year when we drove up to Schweitzer to play in the snow? Our car was rear-ended AND we got stuck in the ski area’s parking lot.

      This time we rode their shuttle bus up the mountain.

    • They have a tow rope. Each tube has a strap with a clip, which they clip on to the tow rope and you just sit back and relax as it pulls you back up.

  2. Love the video!! The music fit perfectly… is it a harpsichord? Looks like a perfect day in the snow! How’s your daughter healing? Bet she had one hell of a headache!!

  3. We’re in California and thinking about getting our kids up to the snow for the first time. I’ll make sure the wife doesn’t see the picture of the owie or we might never get there.

    I’m sure we’ll have fun. Thanks for the pictures.

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