Chewing Ice

Do your kids chew ice?

My son has been driving me crazy with his regular munching of ice cubes.

I know I shouldn’t let little things like that get to me, but I can’t help thinking about the dental bills I’m going to see in a few years when his enamel is worn thin and his teeth develop chips and cracks.

Ice chewing can be a sign of anemia in some people, but that’s not the case with my son. He just likes to make loud crunching sounds.

It’s become so bad that I’ve had to outlaw ice chewing.

So, if you come to my house and, in the course of sipping your iced tea, an ice cube accidentally slips between your teeth and you feel the need to bite down on it, expect to pay a small fine.

5 thoughts on “Chewing Ice

  1. My brother LOVES to chew ice. He did it since the age of 18 months. Interesting to hear others do it, and I’d never heard about the anemia thing..

  2. if it is a kid chewing ice, they may be looking for oral stimulation. my daughter has hyperdense cheeks, which is where the muscles of the mouth are not positioned correctly, and she need stimulations, as in ice chewing (crunchy things also like chips) and also wants her pacifier a lot and i had a rough time breaking her from the bottle at night. if your kid has chubby cheeks, this is something to have a speech pathologist check into…as they told me chubby cheeks is a RED FLAG for a child having hyperdense cheeks and a massage a day and 2 days of speech therapy a week is curing our problem!! good luck to all!!

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