Nobody Walks In L.A.

Driving around the Los Angeles area on our recent vacation, we witnessed some very strange scenes.

This one happened so fast, I didn’t even notice until I was browsing through our digital photos this weekend that this guy was carrying what looks like a dead body out to his car.

We wondered why he chased after us with a knife. I thought maybe that’s just how people in L.A. greet out-of-towners.

There are some real psychos out there.

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  1. I grew up in that part of Los Angeles and can tell you this nothing to be alarmed about. It is just our old neighbor Bob taking his mom out for a drive. Bob told us that his mom is a deep sleeper and the car's trunk gives her more room to stretch out than if she tried to nap in the front or back seat of the car. As for the knife, his mom is also an avid cook and often wears out the kitchen knifes while butchering meat for her famous stew. He likely was just trying to chase you down to ask for directions to the nearest place to get the knives sharpened.

    While behavior like this isn't "universal," you can find a lot of interesting people if you spend about an hour "taking a tour" the city.

    Next time you see Bob, let him know we said hi.

  2. When we were at Universal Studios a few summers ago, our tour guide told us about Jim Carey dressing up like Norman Bates (in the mother costume), and running out the motel and chasing the tour. He was there filming The Grinch at the time. I guess he really scared them!! It would have been so funny to see.

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