Touched by An Angel in Idaho

Spokane newspaper columnist D.F. Oliveria writes in his weekly column:

Dunno what you think about guardian angels and miracles. But Shawn and Stacey Vogel made a good case for both last Monday on PAX-TV. I was channel surfing when I heard the Vogels’ hometown mentioned: “Rathdrum, Idaho.”

Interested, I learned of their young son Joey’s miraculous survival from a 25-foot fall onto concrete. The Vogels re-created the scene for “It’s A Miracle” and narrator Roma “Touched by an Angel” Downey. Seems Joey fell through an upstairs window while playing with brother, Tommy. The parents rushed the semiconscious child to Kootenai Medical Center, expecting the worst, only to have the ER doc pronounce the child fit.

Then came the shocker. Joey told his parents his grandfather had caught him and said, “You’re welcome.” That’s Grandpa Tommy, as in Shawn’s father who’d died years before Joey was born. (Cue old “Twilight Zone” theme)

Bottom line? Whoever made the catch earns a gold glove – and his wings.

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